Love enjoying that extra pint of beer every weekend? Well, what about food? You could well choose to have your beer with cheese – It’s your personal choice, and who cares. Many restaurants, however, serve specific range of food items and recipes that particularly work well with beers of different kinds. For instance, if you check for Crooked Pint Lunch specials in Minnesota, they have a completely customized menu for beer lovers. In this post, we are sharing a few tips on beer and food pairings that you definitely need to know about.

Know your beer

Hops refer to bitter beers, where hops are added to influence the taste. Not all hops are extremely bitter as many people may think. There is also something called the bitter beer, but it isn’t a particular genre. If a beer brand ranks high in International Bitterness Units, it means it is stronger in flavor and bitterness. If you are a fan of nutty flavor, go for malt beers that have barley grain, and you may like the sweet lingering taste. Dark beers, on the other hand, have a more unique and rich taste, including a stronger nuttier flavor. Finally, there’s the Light beer, which is cooling and refreshing with no extra flavoring tastes.

The food pairings

  • If you are trying light lagers, you should be trying more of spicy food and flavored salads. Burgers and sandwiches should work, as well.
  • For wheat beers, go for extreme spicy foods and special desserts. India pale ales, on the other hand, taste better with BBQ and grilled foods.
  • For amber ales, go for pizza, which remains an eternal choice for most beer lovers. BBQ style pork and even fries are great.
  • Fans of dark lagers will have to settle for the classic pizzas and burgers. Not many, but there are some people who do like to taste thick soups with it.
  • Brown ales are best combined with fish recipes. This could be the classic sushi, or something like homemade sausages.

Mexican food works well with porters and stouts.

Now that you know the best food pairings with different kinds of beer, check online now and find the best bars in town to explore these mixes. Keep in mind that rules are just for fun, and you can pretty much ask the servers for the best food items that may go well with your pint.