Did you know that more than 350 slices of pizzas are sold every second in the US? Americans love the pizza, and no matter what kind of toppings or sauce you prefer, there is something for everyone. From the classic thin-crust pizza to the loaded ones with plenty of toppings, the choices are quite extensive. That said, if you want order pizza Peoria AZ this weekend, we suggest that you consider some of the classic choices listed below.

  • Neapolitan Pizza. This is probably where the love for pizza started, and in the 18th century in Naples, Neapolitan Pizza was the go-to food for poor people, who wanted to eat something affordable and tasty. There are variants in this pizza. The first one is called the Marinara pizza, which includes garlic, tomatoes and oregano with extra virgin olive oil. Margherita is loaded with mozzarella, coupled with tomatoes and a touch of basil. Margherita extra is the third choice that has Campania mozzarella.
  • Chicago pizza. The edges of the Chicago pizza re raised and that helps in containing more ingredients. Ground beef with sausage and veggies are used for the mix, with tomato sauce of course. The toppings can include some amount of Parmesan cheese besides mozzarella too, so check for the options. If you are someone who likes the pizza to be heavy and thick, this is the one for you, and baking takes around 35 minutes.

  • New York-Style Pizza. This is exactly what Americans think about pizza. The classic New York-Style Pizza has large and foldable slices, with a crust that’s crispy and thin. It may seem similar to that of Neapolitan pizzas, but the toppings can be really varied, right from pepperoni and sausage to herbs, veggies and even mushrooms. The use of oregano and chili flakes is also extensive, and many pizzerias actually finish the pizza with some garlic sauce.

If you are ordering for any pizza online, check if the concerned café or pizzeria has wings and other things on the sides. Some of the pizzerias also deliver beer, and you can be sorted for the weekend. For those who don’t like to experiment a lot, New York-Style Pizza is the ideal choice for them, while for some, the classic Margherita is the perfect mix of cheese and tomato sauce. It all depends, but you have to try some this weekend as you enjoy the TV show.