If you have decided to try Indian cuisine for your next party, the next obvious step is to find a caterer. Indian food, at least for the westerners, is all about curries and spices, but there’s so much more to the cuisine. There is something for everyone – the spicy vindaloo that’s not for the faint-hearted, to the flavorsome tikkas. Restaurants, such as Little India Catering, offer a whole range of Indian foods for small and big events, but before you go ahead and hire a caterer, here are some of the important pointers that need attention.

Ask for the menu

Indian food menu for catering can be as diverse as you may expect. Every caterer has specific specialties, and you should ask about those in detail. Here is a quick overview of what to order in starters, main course and desserts.

  • Tandoori items, such as paneer tikka, chicken tikka, tandoor chicken, tandoori veggies, are cooked in a clay oven called the tandoor, and these don’t have to be high on spices. You can also consider some of the stir-fried recipes for starters, such as chicken bhuna. A light option is the momo, which is a Tibetan recipe that became quite popular in India.
  • Main course. Indian main course is all about curries and gravies, and these are made with a spice mix, called the masala, which can be different for every single recipe. Kormas, vindaloos, butter masalas, bhunas are some of the common kinds of gravies and semi-gravies that you can try. Depending on your spice tolerance, talk to the caterer and find the options that may work well for everyone invited.
  • Desserts have a rather dominant role to play in Indian cuisine, and everything is almost as sweet as the next. If you are new to desserts, try the classic kheer or gulab jamun, and you will also find flavored custards.

Get an estimate with details

Servings of Indian dishes can vary from one restaurant to another, so enquire in advance. The estimate depends on how many and types of dishes you order, and you will definitely need rice or a mix of Indian assorted breads. Both naan and roti work well with gravies, and you should also consider biryani, which is a great recipe in itself.

Meats, especially mutton, lamb and chicken, are truly cooked with a lot of heart, and if you are vegetarian, do try the cottage cheese recipes.