If you are looking for a new hobby to sink your teeth into, why not try home brewing? Home brewing has taken off all over the world and Australia is no different. People all over the place are interested in home brewing and many have taken steps to set up their own miniature breweries. Below are some great reasons to try home brewing as a hobby.


One of the best things about starting your own home brewery is the price. If you are looking for a co2 gas bottle for sale or a home brewing kit, you will find them at great prices online. Although it is cheaper to visit a local supermarket or bar and order one of the many mass-produced beers on offer, you will not get the same satisfaction and taste as you get from a craft beer. I am guessing, if you are thinking about trying craft beer, you are probably sick of the taste of macro beers.

Keeping an Old Tradition Alive

Trying to brew your own beer at home means you are keeping an age-old tradition alive. The history of home brew dates right back to the Neolithic times and keeping this process of making beer alive is an amazing thing to be part of. Long before brewing became a commercial practice, it was done by peoples in homes for the local community. Try to name a better reason to start such as a cool hobby?

Give it as a Gift

What is more impressive than handing over your own personal brew which you produced from home as a Christmas gift or birthday present. We all get sick of the same old generic gifts and giving someone a batch of your finest brew that took a few weeks to produce will definitely impress the recipient.

It’s Not Rocket Science

Anyone can make a good quality brew as long as they purchase the right equipment and learn the basics. It is mainly about experimentation which is what makes producing home brew so much fun. Once you learn the basics, your brewing options are limitless.

There are many good reasons to start home brewing as a hobby. You never know, you might actually produce some popular brews that have people coming back for more. You may never forget about the 9-5 and focus on brewing full time. Either way, you will get lots of enjoyment from creating your own unique brew from home.