This article enlightens you to make the best use of the Big Green Egg when it comes to BBQ.

  • Begin with a complete load of natural lump charcoal. In other words, you need 5 pounds of charcoal lit with a paraffin fire starter cube or you can also use an electric lighter. You don’t need any chimney for the Big Green Egg as its unique design makes it similar to an oversized chimney. And we recommend you to never use lighter fluid.
  • When it comes to lightning the charcoal, keep all the vents open. Also, keep the lid open for the first 7 to 10 minutes. Then, you can close it to use the Egg to your desired temperature. This entire process takes up to 15 to 20 minutes. But when using in winter, it may take longer.

  • You need to burp the Egg before completely opening it once it is hot. In other words, you need to raise the lid a few inches to get rid of some of the heat and then lower it. Repeat this process once more. This helps in keeping you from getting blasted by a back flash.
  • When it comes to direct grilling, you need to have all the charcoals lit, keep the top and bottom vents wide open and preheat the egg to 600 to 700 degrees. Now, sear the steak on the grate for at least 2 minutes each side, don’t forget to give a quarter turn after a minute, then you can lower the lid. This is where the magic of the Egg occurs. When the juices hit the coal, it sends the fragrant smoke to the steak. The lowered lid helps in trapping the smoke and sealing the moisture. It also accelerates the cooking time. This entire process takes around 7 minutes.
  • When it comes to indirect grilling and smoking, we advise you to install a convEGGtor or plate setter which is a heavy ceramic plate bearing three legs that fit perfectly in the top of the firebox of the Egg. Now, insert it upside down. In other words, put the legs up and the flat section down.

  • If you want a stronger flavor of coal, then you need to toss 3 chunks of hickory or any other hardwood on the top of the unlit coals.
  • To have control over the heat, but a Big Green Egg BBQ Guru. This thermostat is battery powered that regulates the airflow via the bottom vent, letting you control the cooking temperature nearly to the precise degree you want to cook at.