Ecolab Prep-n-Print with Flex is a cloud-based digital labeling solution that enables quick printing of food rotation, nutrition, ingredient, and grab ‘n-go labels for restaurants. PointOne was tasked with ultimately designing the tablet application used in kitchens and the admin web application that enables corporate teams to load food ingredient lists, set restaurant-level policies, and monitor compliance.


Labels are an opportunity to set a food product apart and make it stand out. These labels are needed to display mandatory data like shelf life and nutrition information but also can help convey a unique message, add a touch of creativity or be a tamper-evident feature.

A label workflow solution should be able to handle the needs of food service operations. For example, they can quickly print labels, decals, and sticker files and create one-up cut paths with external step-and-repeat software or import.cf2 and. dxf file formats for layout. They may need to handle a variety of sizes and shapes, including 1″ – 3″ wide labels, FDA-compliant dual-column nutritional labeling, grab ‘n go labeling, and more.

Ecolab designed the Prep-n-Print program to address these challenges. The cloud-based system allows restaurant managers to replace handwritten day dot labels with an easy-to-use, tablet-driven labeling application. It also lets corporate teams load menus, track food rotation and set national store food safety policies. In addition, it uses a Brother 2-inch thermal printer with embedded tamper-proof security. It can even be used to print food rotation labels in multiple languages to address language issues in the field.


Digital prepping and label printing mean no print plates are required, which saves you money. The GoLabel printer pairs wirelessly with the tablet-based app and prints food labels on demand.

PointOne Digital designed the tablet application used by food prep chefs to select and print food labels and the web admin app that restaurant managers use to load corporate food rotation policies, monitor restaurant-level compliance, and track ingredient lists. We based our design on extensive user research, including restaurant field observations and testing with gloved prep chefs. Features included more giant ‘fat finger’ social buttons for gloves and a clean interface optimized for touch.

The Flex app also allows users to reprint previously printed labels to preserve the original preparation time and calculated use-by date.


The proper software application lets you capture the full ingredient declaration (in descending order of weight) and allergens for each food item you prepare. This ensures that all labels meet the requirements for FSA labeling. Additionally, it helps you meet nutrient content requirements and future government regulations – no matter what changes are made.

PointOne Digital worked closely with Ecolab on their Prep-n-Print with Flex solution for their national restaurant chains to help them implement consistent food rotation, nutrition, ingredient, and grab-go labels that eliminate the need to handwrite the critical information. Instead, the kitchen staff uses the mobile app to select and print their labels. At the same time, the admin web application allows corporate teams to load recipes, set restaurant-level food storage policies, and monitor compliance. This solution is now in use at more than 60 locations nationwide. It is simple to use, dependable and cost-effective.