When we plan for a holiday at a new place, we look out for all the alternatives that could make our short stay a rather comfortable and exciting journey. From spotting the places to visit to booking  Comfortable hotel rooms at great prices – our list includes endless possibilities. And we search for the ideal fits between our budget and the luxury we can afford.

When planning a trip to Ouray all one needs is a glance at Ouray Chalet Inn and decide if they deserve the beauty that the motel has to offer. With a very comfortable environment and suitably designed unique rooms, this place is one of the most popular places to stay in Ouray.

Luxury in a room

Ouray hotels depict as much beauty as the place itself does. The rooms are designed as per the beauty of the place and so each room has its own sense of feel and comfort. There are options to choose from single to double queen size rooms and even economy rooms all designed with a vision to extend the best comfort and luxury to the travelers. They have all the in-house amenities in the room to provide for an extended comfort when the travelers are in for a holiday experience.

All round experience!

It doesn’t just take a spacious space and bed for the travelers to be comfortable. There are a variety of services offered to make the stay pleasurable. While the rooms overlook the bright colourful mountains and chalet, the rooms are equipped with all the equipments like TV, refrigerator, phone, lights, Coffee/Tea maker etc to lounge in peace. Moreover the hotel serves for a healthy breakfast each morning so that the customers can leave for their daily activities on a positive note.


As Ouray is popular for its hot spring baths and the mighty natures beauty, one can find a foray of it right where they stay. For an extended and pleasurable bath, the hot spring baths are arranged for the guests in the surroundings overlooking the mountains. This brings them closer to nature and experience rejuvenation. There are spa services, massages and hot tub baths for soaking and relaxing to make the holiday a pleasurable time for them to remember.


The hotel room at Ouray Chalet Inn fit in all sorts of budgets for the travelers. They have something to fit every budget while extending their services to all the rooms. It’s a perfect match of budget and luxury!

Book the right hotels for the right experiences in Ouray!