Most people stock excess frozen fruits to make smoothies but there are actually many ways to use frozen fruits. For a lot of applications, frozen fruits are ideal for compared to fresh fruit as it is cheaper and longer shelf life. If you are buying fresh fruits, check out  for amazing options. You have endless possibilities and below are some ways to use your favourite frozen produce:

Cook It Into a Bowl of Oatmeal

Frozen fruits can be cooked into a warm bowl of oats. They tend to defrost nicely in this steamy breakfast grains wherever you cook your oatmeal. You can choose to add more than one fruit for this hearty breakfast.

Dip Frozen Fruit Circles in Chocolate

Running any frozen fruit you have on hand through melted chocolate will provide you with an easy low-brow frozen dessert. Return the coated fruit to the freezer until the chocolate is set.

Make a Reduction Sauce

Your hearty breakfast bowl can be topped with warm compote which is one way to put frozen fruits to good use. Warm the frozen fruit in a small saucepan with a sweetener, a squeeze of fresh lemon juice, a pinch of salt, and a splash of water until the fruit becomes silky smooth. You could pour this sauce over a bowl of ice cream, a warm biscuit, or a piece of toast.

Upgrade your Frozen Cocktails

Think about tossing frozen mango chunks to your favourite frozen margs. Also, frozen banana and pineapple slices will upgrade your next round of piña coladas.

Make Fruit Desserts

Even if your favourite is out of season, you can still make a sweet fruit dessert by using frozen fruits. Just thaw the fruit you plan on using for baked goods and make after the fruit has thawed completely. Although you may not come up with a final product that is as glorious as a strawberry cobbler in the summer, this will definitely do the trick.

Eat It Straight Up

A piece of fruit can be a satisfying and refreshing snack. A frozen bite of banana or pineapple is oddly smooth and creamy. Just take it slowly to avoid brain freeze.

Make Sweet Dips and Spreads

Combine thawed frozen fruits and part-skim ricotta cheese in a food processor and puree until blended. You are giving yourself sweet dips and spreads that you can serve with crackers or spread on your toast.