Sushi is Japan’s most loved and well-known food import. However, tofu is very popular in Japan but underrated elsewhere. Tofu isn’t just a Japanese food. It can be found in many Asian cuisines. However, it is an essential ingredient in Japanese households and restaurants. Tofu is a popular food all year, but it is most popular in winter when the soybean harvesting season is over.

Tofu is a great source of protein and healthy because it is made mostly from soybeans. Tofu isn’t just eaten in Japan as a healthy food. It is also used as a substitute for meat in Japan. Tofu can be used as either a main ingredient or as an additional ingredient in countless dishes.

Yudofu, a Kyoto specialty, is soft tofu pieces simmered in kombu flavored dashi broth. It is served with delicious condiments such as sliced scallion, grated wasabi sauce or tangy Ponzu citrus dressing. Traditional Yudofu was eaten in Buddhist temples during winter months by monks.

Agedashi Dofu Is an extremely popular Japanese tofu recipe. It is available all year, but it is especially popular in winter. Deep-fried tofu slices are served in a hot broth with green onions and grated daikon.

There are also other popular Japanese winter dishes that feature tofu.

Kitsune Udon– Udon with slices of seasoned, fried tofu

Sukiyaki – Japanese hotpot with thin slices of meat, vegetables, and tofu.

Oden – This is a very popular Japanese comfort food. It’s made with fish cake, fish cake and radish. Also, it has konjac and boiled eggs. There are many types of tofu in oden. However, all are delicious as the tofu absorbs the flavorful broth.

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