Seafood is an acquired taste, but you are more likely to fall in love with the classic dishes when you visit a restaurant in Arizona. AZ may be famed for its chilaquiles, cheese crisps, sandwiches and burgers, but the seafood scene here is amazing, specially in Tucson and Phoenix. Seafood is best served fresh, and while that may seem like a standard, the spices do make a huge difference. If you are visiting a fish restaurant Tucson for seafood, we have a guide below that may come in handy for trying different dishes.

Move beyond shrimps

If you think of seafood and can only think of tuna and shrimps, your ideas will change when you visit restaurants like Angry Crab Shack in AZ. Seafood served with different spices, such as Cajun spice, is among the popular choices in most city restaurants, and the good news is you can work around the spice content. Some of the famed seafood items to try include clams, snow crabs, blue mussels, Dungeness, king crab, lobster and craw fish. When you are not sure of what to order, you don’t have to ask the servers and waiters for help.

Don’t miss the Cajun cooking

Most seafood lovers swear by the taste of Cajun cooking, which is inspired by French countryside classics. Settlers from France and Canada in Southwestern US made these spices popular, and the best recipes that are served now have a mix of awesome seafood, veggies, and spices, cooked to the perfect level. Contrary to what people may believe, you don’t need a high spice tolerance to love Cajun and Creole recipes. Restaurants are open to the idea of offering blends that suit the guests, and some even allow you to decide spice quotient based on the ready charts.

Do try Jambalaya

Jambalaya has its origins in Louisiana and consists of many cuisine influences. This is a rice dish that will typically have some sausage rice, veggies, and in Arizona, you can have a good time trying seafood in the mix, as well. Choices like crawfish or shrimp are popular, and you can also try something that includes smoked meats included in the rice.

Beyond seafood, you also need to try the standard AZ fare, such as hamburgers and chicken sandwiches. Most restaurants do have different menus for lunch and dinner, especially seafood dishes, so you can always choose to find something new for every meal.